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CSE Entertainment operates in the fields of entertainment, game production and sports&adventure as well as providing virtual environments and visual solutions.

The Dudesons Race introduction video was just released in our YouTube channel. In this video you can see kids playing the game and what kind of special effects are used in this exergaming device. The video was filmed in SuperPark Oulu, where the first Dudesons Race was launched. Thanks to Sakari and Miska for making the video and special thanks to our two sweet supermodels! You can find the video in this page under the tilte "Videos".


During the first couple of weeks after the Dudesons Race launch at SuperPark Oulu we collected feedback from the users with a survey on iPad. We are very happy to have received such great feedback – thank you for all who responded to the survey!

We got altogether 235 responses (girls 45,5 % and boys 54,5 %). The overall points for the game was 4,3 on scale 1-5 (5 being the best). 89,8 % of respondents told that they would like to play Dudesons Race again much or very much.

To talk more in detail, the game looks got 4,1 points. Game music (arrangement by Kalle Pakalén) got 4,0 points and sounds (mostly consisting of real Dudesons voices) got 4,2 points. The tricks seem to be a bit difficult to learn, however the respondents gave the average of 4,1 points for tricks. The game attraction was given 4,3 points. This feedback is very encouraging and we are eager to show you more cool stuff in the near future.

Activitys park devices


We create games for activity devices, PC and mobile. Our game team consists of talented guys who are hungry to get new challenges and make our visions become reality. We have expertise of many challenging projects which enable us to set the target to skies.

Activity park devices


The Dudesons Race is designed to the very first Dudesons theme activity park called SuperPark Oulu. This device fits also to other activity and amusement parks. We have lot’s of ideas for build other awesome activity (park) devices. If you want to hear more, contact us.

Motion Profile

Motion Profile software is the core of our devices. Motion Profile makes it easy to use and control different special effects to provide the ultimate gaming experience. It enables integrating different game controllers (e.g., Kinect, dance pads, balance board), visual systems and effect devices (lights, wind machine, trembling machine, motion platform, etc.) with the events of the game.

Visual systems

We provide custom made visual system solutions to different spaces and budgets. A movable cave or smaller wall structures are easy to set up. They are made of high quality materials, and offer a possibility to be customised for customers graphical look.


For years we have created virtual environments for different purposes. All the basic tools, like 3DS Max, are well handled. Our best expertise is to create beautiful, high quality scenes to Unity game Engine environment.

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Activitys park devices
Activitys park devices
Activitys park devices
Activitys park devices


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